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OAME Annual Conference 2019

May 16, 2019

University of Ottawa, Ottawa (Ontario)

Game Changers: 4 Math Assessment Hacks You Can't Live Without!

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OCETF Professional Development Day 2019

April 12 2019

Shaw Centre, Ottawa (Ontario)

Workshop: Find Your Poet's Eye

Maximize your one-hour literacy block by learning how a wealth of Language curriculum expectations can be effectively taught through a study of claim and evidence. Discover how engaging real-world texts and issues can spark interest and enthusiasm for both reading and writing.  These highly engaging lessons have been classroom tested and will improve your students’ ability to analyse texts, as well as develop and organize ideas when communicating and supporting their thinking in writing. Criteria for judgement, student samples, mentor texts, and lesson sequences will be discussed and shared in this workshop. Practical classroom tips and considerations for ETFI teachers will also be highlighted throughout the session.  You'll leave with all of the digital and printed materials needed to start teaching this unit the very next day! 
Audience: Grades 4+
Summer 2017
IdeaShop Presents - Blue Sky School
Spring 2017
Elementary Teachers Federation Ontario

Move away from acrostics and shape poems, and immerse your students in the authentic and creative experience of being a writer! Inspired by Lucy Calkin's Units of Study, this poetry unit is an ideal way to build a classroom community and get your students thinking and acting like writers during the first days of school. Through the unit students will:

  • generate ideas using vivid and/or figurative language and innovative expressions to add interest

  • identify elements of their writing that need improvement, using feedback from the teacher and peers

  • make revisions to improve the content, clarity, and interest of their written work, using a variety of strategies

  • produce revised, draft pieces of writing to meet identified criteria based on the expectations related to content, organization, style, and use of conventions

Classroom strategies for using a Writer’s Notebook and facilitating teacher/peer feedback will be highlighted throughout the session. Practical ideas for culminating tasks, classroom organization and sample report card comments will also be shared.

​Audience: Grades 3+
Summer 2017
IdeaShop Presents -Blue Sky School

Come and learn how the essential skills for understanding media texts can be taught through two classroom mini units. These highly engaging lessons have been classroom tested and will leave your students wanting more!

The organization of the units will be discussed and shared in this workshop, along with tips that we have found helpful for students and teachers along the way. You'll leave with all of the digital and full-colour printed materials you'll need to start teaching these units the very next day! 


Audience: Grades 3-7 

May 2016 

ETFO Presenters on the Road - Grand Erie Local

October 2015

IdeaShop Presents - Confederation Education Centre

May 2015 ETFO Presenters on the Road - Renfrew County OT Local

Enrich Your Read Aloud

Discover how Language and Arts curriculum expectations can work together to unlock deeper and more meaningful reader responses from your students, while providing differentiated learning opportunities at the same time.


Our unique '4 Ways in 4 Days' approach weaves high-yield teaching strategies* and critical thinking activities together, increasing student engagement and extending the learning experience across an entire week!


You’ll take away a comprehensive day-by-day teaching package for each of the featured titles. These include lesson plans, student exemplars and additional print materials to support your teaching. 


*The strategies and activities shared may be easily adapted to other read aloud titles in your collection.


Featured titles:

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: by William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer and Elizabeth Zunon

Wilma Unlimited: How Wilma Rudolph Became the World's Fastest Woman by Kathleen Krull and David Diaz


Audience: Grades 3+

November 2015

IdeaShop Presents - Confederation Education Centre

Come and hear how guided reading is being implemented in classrooms just like yours! Learn easy-to-implement adjustments that can help make your small group teaching a more effective and rewarding experience. No buzzwords needed! 


Topics covered include:

*What to look for when listening to children read orally
*Tips for tweaking specific diagnostic tools (CASI, DRA, PM/GB+) 
*How reading stages can simplify planning for learning needs
*Suggested guided lessons by grade, reading level, and developmental stage
*Individual conferences vs. traditional small groups

​Audience: Grades 3-6

October 2015

IdeaShop Presents - Confederation Education Centre

Engage your students in the creation and identification of success criteria! Learn effective and “student-endorsed” strategies that can be used across a range of subject areas. Explore how mentor texts and exemplars can help students identify and apply success criteria in their own work. These practical and classroom-tested techniques can transform any student into a criteria hunter, and help them ‘hit the target’! 
​Audience: Grades 3+
Spring 2014
OCDSB Vice-Principal Interns - Confederation Education Centre

Ever notice that kids often have difficulty figuring out what a question is actually asking them to do? Us too. From daily reading comprehension questions to EQAO short answer prompts. Show kids how every question can be sorted into one of four types. Learn how to introduce the Question Answer Relationship (QAR) strategy to your students, and come away with practical ways to embed this into your daily classroom practice. No super powers needed. 

Audience: Grades 3-6

2015 Berrigan Elementary School 

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