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IdeaShop workshops support teachers in implementing the latest teaching practices and theory by sparking creativity and student engagement through classroom-tested lessons and units.


Every lesson, strategy and tip presented in an IdeaShop has been developed by teachers and used in real classrooms. We've tweaked and refined our material to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and your students.


IdeaShop offers a variety of workshop sessions packed with creatively practical ideas and lessons. No icebreakers. No fillers. IdeaShops are 'practical development' that works!


Tracey Tinley is an experienced teacher and presenter. With over twenty years under her belt, she has had experience with all the grades from K-8 in both her personal classroom practice, and in her role as an instructional coach. In 2015, she received the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Her teaching has also been recognized in the Ontario College of Teachers' publication Professionally Speaking as part of their "Great Teaching" series. Tracey has worked as lead writer, and project manager, with The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2). Her writing and teaching reflections have also been published in Educational Leadership magazine. Tracey continues to teach, laugh and learn alongside her students and colleagues in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

Tracey Tinley



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