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Don't just take our word for it...

This workshop has changed my whole outlook on teaching poetry! I am so pumped! THIS is what PD should be! I am re-planning my unit with this one. I am so inspired!

(Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)
This workshop provided practical ideas I can use to level the playing field for all students. I can use the materials right away. Sense of humour, fabulous illustrative talk from a teacher who has actually been in the class! So glad I came! I truly enjoyed it.
(Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)

I learned how to make writing more interesting for kids and how to carry out a unit in a more purposeful way. It does not require me to go home and prepare for hours. I can go into a classroom on Monday and feel good about it. 

(Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)

Amazing inspiration for how to get students writing. Tracey is amazing in that she makes it all seem achievable. Relevant ideas that I can apply immediately in my classroom. 
(Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)
Great hands-on lessons and units.
The lessons in these workshops captivate the interest of students and are relevant to today's world. Explained day-to-day teaching with videos, charts, questions, pictures, student work, etc. Lots of resources to share.
(Junior teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)



Best P.D. I've been to in years!
I found your workshop very helpful and practical. I can actually see myself using the lessons/examples/formats you demonstrated and the kids actually being engaged, because as you stated it is more connected to their real life. It also gave me - as a teacher who doesn't know a lot about tech - some great lessons for the media curriculum. I loved your presentation, and the only negative thing I could come up with was that we ran out of time.  
(Occasional teacher- Renfrew District School Board)​

"I wanted to thank you for one of the best, and most useful classes I've had. In the middle of writing a lesson plan, or teaching my grade 3 class, I often find myself asking, 'WWTD' (what would Tinley do). 'WWTD' has made me think critically about what I am teaching the students, and how. It also made me think about the ways I interact with the students."

(2nd year Faculty Ed student - University of Ottawa)

Want to learn with us?
We can't wait to meet you.
You are awesome...loved it!

The delivery of this workshop was open, honest, inspirational and hilarious. I will use all of the key ideas in my program this year. Great essentials and room for my own ideas/style.

(Primary teacher -Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)

So inspirational...

An amazing, relevant and practical workshop. Very excited to try all of these things in my own class this year.

(Primary/Junior Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)

My students will love it!

Your willingness to practice what you teach is invaluable to me. I've dabbled, but you've provided a wealth of resources.

(Primary/Junior Teacher - Ottawa-Carleton District School Board)

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